What is Book of Perspectives?

Book of Perspectives is a personal blog born from a place of a deep passion for storytelling and writing. Its purpose diverges from the usual landscape of lifestyle blogs. Instead, it aspires to be a realm where every page offers a fresh perspective, and every story is a testament to the richness of human experience. With every article, I strive to offer you a new lens through which to view the many chapters of life’s special (and not-so-special) moments.

Behind the Scenes

Hi! I’m Lauren. As a writer and advocate, I strive to empower others to feel normal for experiencing the full range of human emotions. Through Book of Perspectives, I want to inspire those around me to embrace their own unique perspectives and find joy in the journey. 

My journey into creating Book of Perspectives was driven by a deep longing to dive into topics that genuinely resonated with me—almost like the feeling of getting lost in the pages of a beloved book. That’s why I’ve decided to call my topics “chapters” instead of categories. 

This choice is rooted in my passion for weaving each piece with care and creating a safe space where people can find comfort in realizing they’re not alone as they navigate through life’s diverse experiences.

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To each and every reader who has joined me on this voyage, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this narrative. It's my hope that you continue to be a companion for the many chapters yet to unfold.

- Lauren Hoover

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